What she eating?

it looks like a pita wrap & a sprinkle of rose petals, lol

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So when Arizona said she wants to have another baby so Sofia would have siblings did she forget that technically, Sofia already has an older half sister?? 

Guess she doesn’t matter. Lol.

I mean, “have you met her?” - Arizona Robbins

LMAO classic Arizona.

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ABC Scores 7 of the Top 20 Entertainment Series This Season

#4 - Grey’s Anatomy

#8 - Scandal

This is awesome.  They can even have a bad first half of the season, writing wise, and they still come out in the top ten.  This show has major loyalty going for it.

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Hahaha, best mentor/men-tee relationship on the show for sure.

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Anonymous asked: Where is Sara Ramirez? She seems to be quiet given all the "last days" tweets/comments on the set re S10 and the lovely Ms. Oh. I think Sara is hiding her baby bump.



At first I thought you were saying she is waddling around set and then it took a turn. Lol.

LOL, if she was pregnant in real life, why would she receive bad news that she can’t?  I’m so confused.  Maybe they are using this as an excuse to have Addison come back :)

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Have to reblog this. I love Jon Stewart.

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calzona meme: 1/8 scenes 

I don’t need a father. I don’t. Not one who won’t accept me. 

She really comforted her here.  Like we haven’t seen this kind of comforting scene since S6.  I have to go watch this again now.

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