Netflix needs to get on the freaking ball..I’m so close to switching to HULU because they are fast and not too big for their britches, yet.

Calzona + (personal) disasters
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I’m on season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy. WHEN DOES ARIZONA COME IN? I’m getting real impatient. My friend told me to watch the show because of Calzona. I mean, I like the show, it’s really interesting and I’m surprised I’ve made it this far, but I need some lesbian activity.

Arizona comes 5x11 but you’ll still get lesbian activity soon :)

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this reminds me of the season 6 finale.  arizona’s instinct is to save her innocence, and callie’s 1st instinct is to save them both LMAO

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best faces ever, lmao

best faces ever, lmao

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[SNEAK PEEK #1] GREY’S ANATOMY  11x01 - “ I Must Have Lost It On The Wind ”  

Arizona’s face when she hands him the blanket. LMAO.


omg that’s hilarious

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I know wicked has her awesome prediction game, and we have so much fun with that. But I want to try something really different and ask one crazy prediction from anyone who wants to play. Yes,it can be wayy out there, and/or actually possible!! Before Season 11 starts, let’s…

Way out in left field?

Callie’s first female she had feelings for was not Erica Hahn but a senior medical volunteer in the Peace Corps in Botswana. It’s “what made her want to go to medical school.” The feelings were mutual but this woman was older than her and was soon offered a high profile surgical position in the US. Callie never saw her again until she showed up to work at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital (played by Geena Davis). Erica Hahn initially reminded Callie of this woman - as an older and extremely confident surgeon in her field. Because she has not dealt with the issues in her marriage Callie struggles with the “what if?” eventually leading her to realize how she doesn’t want to ask “what if” with Arizona one day so they work on fixing the holes in their relationship.

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It’s almost like Stacy McKee wrote this beautiful story for Arizona again.  Made us fall in love with her again.   Probably realized that she was the best Arizona writer again.  Filled the whole episode with awesome Arizona (of which we were shafted in the dvd release because amazing stuff was left out) And then realized herself, “Oh shit, I have to end with that Leah crap, there’s no getting around it”….”Oh and the writers have her on this nasty, souless path this season, so I need to find some way to keep the contiuity with her coldness”

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